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Thank you for your interest in Infinity Photobooth! We have tried to anticipate all of your questions but may have missed some. If you can't find what you are looking for or prefer to speak to us directly please contact us. We are happy to assist you!
Questions about reserving my date:


Q.  I would like to reserve my date … what do I need to do?

A.  Please contact us to confirm availability and provide us with additional details. We will email a rental agreement for your review. In order to reserve your date, please click the link in the email to confirm your date and accept terms and conditions. You will be directed to our payment page. A $450 deposit is required to hold your date.
Q.  Do I need to return a signed contract to Infinity Photobooth?
A.  No, your online confirmation of your date and acceptance of our terms and conditions along with your deposit are all we need to hold your date.


Q.  Is the deposit refundable?

A.  The deposit is fully refundable up to 60 days prior to your event. Within 59 days of your event, the deposit is non-refundable unless we are able to rebook your date.


Q.  After the deposit is paid, when is the balance due?

A.  The balance is due no later than the day of your event but may be paid anytime prior. Advance payment may be made with cash, checks or credit card, however we are only able to accept cash or checks at your event. 


Q.  Do you take personal checks?

A.  Yes, we accept personal checks (payable to Infinity Photobooth) as well as all major credit cards.


Q.  Can I make my payment online?

A.  Yes, please use the pay online link located at the bottom of each page on our website. You will be directed to PayPal to make a secure payment, all major credit cards are accepted and you do not need a PayPal account.



Questions about the photobooth and photostrips:


Q.  How big is the photobooth?

A.  The “footprint” of the photobooth is 4’ x 8’ and can easily accommodate up to 12 people.


Q.  How much space is needed overall for the photobooth?

A.  A 10’x12’ area will comfortably accommodate the photobooth as well as a small table where guests can write personal messages for your memory book.
Q.  Do we need to provide the table for the memory book?
A.  No, we come prepared with our own.


Q.  Can I see the photobooth in person?

A.  Yes, please contact us for an appointment.


Q.  Can the photobooth be used outside?

A.  Yes, we can set the photobooth up outside, however, it must be on a level surface (e.g. cement patio, inside garage, etc). The location must also be covered and offer protection from inclement weather.  Access to electricity is also required. If you are uncertain about the location you are considering, please feel free to contact us.


Q.  How many people can fit in the photobooth?

A.  Comfortably 12 … uncomfortably many more!


Q.  Will my venue require any special hook ups to accommodate the photobooth?

A.  No, a standard AC power outlet located within a reasonable distance is all that is required.
Q.  Are there any other things that need to be considered to ensure that the photobooth can be set up at my venue?
A.  Please make sure that your event location is handicap accessible. Many older buildings do not have ramps or elevators large enough to accommodate our photobooth. If there are stairs that need to be navigated please let us know ahead of time so that we can be prepared.


Q.  What happens if there is a technical problem with the photobooth during my event?

A.  Our photobooths are guaranteed to be running a minimum of 90% of the time during your rental period. We may occasionally have a break in the action to replace  photopaper or other supplies. We have never had to cancel an event due to technical problems and come prepared to address every possible potential issue we can think of.


Q.  What size are the photostrips?

A.  We offer three sizes to fit all tastes and budgets! ... 2.5 inches wide by 7 inches long, 2 inches wide by 6 inches long and our postcard style which is 4 inches by 6 inches. Please contact us so we can discuss which works best for you!


Q.  How many poses do you get with each photostrip?

A.  Four … Guests will pose for a series of four photographs taken approximately 10 seconds apart.


Q.  How long does it take for the photostrips to print?

A.  Approximately 20 seconds.


Q.  Can you tell me about the quality of the photostrips?

A.  Our photostrips are printed on high quality archival paper and are smudge and scratch resistant. We use the latest digital technology to ensure a clear picture with vibrant color.  We are proud to say that the quality of the pictures in our photostrips are second to none!


Q.  Can reprints of the photostrips be ordered after my event?

A.  Yes, we use to host all of our event albums which are accessible through our Events Gallery. You or your guests can order reprints of one or multiple photostrips for up to 6 months after your event.


Q.  Will everyone be able to view my album on your event gallery?

A.  That is completely up to you. We can password protect each gallery so you can control who is able to view it or we can allow the world to view all the fun at your event. Just let us know which you prefer.



Questions about the packages:


Q.  Is the set up and tear down time part of the rental time?

A.  No, the set up and tear down is done on our own time and does not affect the time the photobooth will be available for you and your guests. Typically we will arrive one and a half hours prior to your event start time for set up. If you would like us to arrive at a specific time please let us know ... in order to accommodate your request, there may be an idle time charge applied. The booth will be removed when your rental time has elapsed.


Q.  What if I decide at the event that I would like to keep the photobooth longer?

A.  No problem, we can provide an additional hour of service for $100.
Q.  Is there a limit to the number of times my guests can use the photobooth?
A.  No! We offer unlimited usage of the photobooth during your entire rental period!
Q.  What if 11 of my guests use the photobooth together, do they each get a photostrip?
A.  Absolutely YES! We are proud to say that we are one of the few companies that are able to offer this feature to our customers. We will print each of your 11 guests a copy of their own photostrip on the spot! ... usually in less that 90 seconds!


Q.  Do my guests have to pay for their photostrips?

A.  No! ... Your guests will receive free unlimited photostrips during your event.


Q.  Does my package include a photobooth attendant?

A.  Absolutely! … Our professional attendant will be there to assist your guests during your entire event. Depending on the details of your event, we may add a second attendant at no additional cost to you!


Q.  Do you have a package for multiple booth rentals?

A.  We would be happy to customize a package for you if you are interested in renting multiple booths for the same event. Discounted rates for additional booths are available.


Q.  When can I view the photostrips from my event in the Infinity Photobooth Event Gallery?

A.  Within 7 business days of your event.


Q.  What if I purchase a 4 hour package and would like to use the photobooth for one hour before dinner and then 3 hours after dinner.  Is there a charge for the idle time in between?

A. Yes, there is a nominal charge of $25 per hour of idle time.


Q.  My package states that the “banner” at the bottom of the photostrip can be customized … when and how does this happen?

A.  We will contact you approximately 30 days prior to your event. At that time, we will work together to design your banner and we will keep working until you find one that you love!


Q.  My package states that my memory book will be customized … when and how does this happen?

A.  We will contact you approximately 30 days prior to your event. At that time, you can make your selection from the various styles of memory books that we have available. If you have selected the deluxe memory book option, custom color selection will be made at this time as well.


Q.  How long after my event will my memory book be completed?

A.  Your memory book will be completed during your event and will be yours to take with you that day!


Q.  How long after my event will I receive my CD with all photostrip images from my event uploaded?

A.  Your CD will be available for you to take at the end of your event!


Q.  My event is not local. How far will you travel and is the cost for long distances included in my package?

A.  Our packages include travel within 80 miles round trip of our local office. For events located outside of this area, please contact us and we would be happy to give you an estimate.


         Booth accommodates up to 12 people!
Unlimited use for you and your guests
ersonalized event banner
FREE "on the spot" reprints!
Online event gallery for future viewing
CD of photostrips included
Creates unique & treasured keepsakes!
Custom memory book   How It Works

         Weddings, Anniversaries & Showers
Bar Mitzvahs and Bat Mitzvahs
         Birthdays, Graduations and Parties

Family and Class Reunions
Corporate and Expo Events
Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties
School Functions and Fundraisers
And much more   Packages & Options
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